Our Travel Program Gives Us a Competitive Advantage

One of the best reasons to work at Justice League LA is our travel program. Our team members travel to other offices for cross-training, attend seminars to sharpen their skills, and even take R&R trips to exotic locales as rewards for special effort.

“I’m proud of the many chances we give our event managers to get out of Burbank and explore the world,” shared the President of Justice League LA, Brian. “Travel alone is enlightening. The simple act of leaving home builds resilience and self-confidence, and always expands our thinking.”

On top of these rewards, our trips also:

• Create Camaraderie: When our team members travel together, they get the chance to see each other in new lights. This lays a foundation for increased teamwork in the office, and even lifelong friendships.

• Networking: The value of building a network cannot be overstated. Not only do we teach this talent, but we make sure our team members get the chance to meet other sharp, talented people from across the country so we can share best practices, learn about opportunities, and assist others in their career journeys as well.

Not many companies offer the travel perks we do, which is just one of the many reasons we’re a choice career destination. Find out more about our commitment to development by following Justice League LA on Twitter.