This Holiday Season, We’re Committed to Giving More

The holidays are all about family and bringing people together, and we have this same attitude toward our Justice League LA family as well. This year, we’ve decided to step up our game when it comes to philanthropy, because when we support our community, it brings us closer as a team. As we give back, we get to see sides of each other that might not shine through during our normal daily routines. These deeper connections with one another are what make our office environment so inviting.

Supporting worthy causes as a company also helps us connect to our work on a more meaningful level. Our Justice League LA philanthropy program is proof that our company leaders care about people, not just the bottom line. This knowledge enables us to forge stronger emotional connections to our careers.

There’s a third and equally important reason that we place such a high value on our giveback events: they’re fun! Especially during the hectic holiday season, raising money by running a 5K or organizing a toy drive and then celebrating after the big drop-off is our idea of a good time. These happy memories are more than enough to keep smiles on our faces well into the new year.

We’re focused on doing even more for our community, knowing that the rewards exceed the effort. See what causes we support by following Justice League LA on Twitter.