PRESS RELEASE: Justice League LA Offers Rewarding, Customized Careers

BURBANK, CA – Justice League LA’s President detailed the firm’s current hiring initiative and its rewarding career opportunities. He also highlighted a few qualities the best candidates bring to the table.

Michael, the President of Justice League LA, is ready to add to the firm’s talented team of event managers with an eye toward further expansion in 2019. He explained that there will be many openings within the firm as the year progresses, and that business-minded individuals can craft their own rewarding career paths as they make a positive impact in communities across the U.S.

Everyone at Justice League LA is empowered to use their unique talents to change the world. Michael noted that the firm’s workplace is a supportive one in which positive energy is harnessed and superpowers are used for the greater good. By supporting D.A.R.E. America, the company’s event managers create the change they want to see in the world.

Those who join Team Justice League LA get plentiful opportunities to grow professionally as they contribute to an important cause. Michael explained that event managers receive hands-on education from their first days on the job, using what they learn to gain confidence and quickly make meaningful impact on behalf of a proven change agent. The President added that ongoing training options allow team members to shape their career paths according to their passions.

Justice League LA’s President Outlines the Traits Shared by Ideal Candidates

There are a few key attributes Justice League LA leaders will be looking for as they evaluate prospective team members. Michael remarked that a strong work ethic is a prerequisite for any potential addition. He added that those who are self-directed in their careers and are willing to work hard to achieve ambitious goals are ideal fits for the firm’s work culture. Candidates who can describe their long-term professional goals during interviews are the ones who make lasting positive impressions.

Problem-solving skills are also vital qualities for any new hire to bring to the table. Michael explained that candidates who tell compelling stories about overcoming tough challenges or improving processes stick out in hiring managers’ minds. The more agility a potential hire can offer, the better equipped he or she is to help Justice League LA stay ahead of the competition.

Great candidates are also committed to learning new things. The President noted that constant improvement is a hallmark of the firm’s culture, so any would-be event manager must be prepared to add to his or her knowledge base on a daily basis.

About Justice League LA :
Justice League LA was formed by people who raise their voices to amplify the messages of change agents. Their team is a POWerful force in starting conversations that spark interest in the life-changing work of the nonprofits and social good organizations they represent. With diverse backgrounds and shared interest in championing social issues, these people strive daily to build awareness for great causes. Their efforts are strengthened through ongoing learning that keeps them ahead of industry trends. Learn more about the work Justice League LA does by visiting their website at