Expanding Our Operation to the East Coast

Justice League LA is currently expanding, and we’ll soon be opening a new office in North Carolina! We’d like to congratulate Rachel on earning the right to lead the new office – she’s really impressed Michael, our firm’s President, and he’s certain she will be very successful in her new location.

“North Carolina is an awesome location to run an office for us,” stated Derek, Justice League LA’s administrator. “They have always been the first state requesting our services and programs.”

While it may seem obvious that our company growth is a good thing, there are some very specific reasons for our excitement. For example:

• New Talent: We appreciate the enthusiasm and fresh perspectives that new team members bring to our company, and that will certainly be the case when we open a satellite office on the east coast! We’re sure to learn some innovative techniques.

• Travel: Once Rachel is up and running, there will be chances for us to spend time cross-training in her market, and we look forward to hosting our Carolina team members as well. We may even decide to make the move permanently.

• Reach New Consumers: The more people we can reach, the more successful we are at generating awareness for the mission-driven organizations we represent. This expansion gives us access to a whole new state, on a whole different side of the country.

We’d like to congratulate Rachel again on her promotion, and we wish her luck in North Carolina. To follow our progress, follow Justice League LA on Twitter.