Congratulating Roberto on His Recent Promotion

One of our recent Justice League LA success stories involves Roberto and his promotion to development manager! Derek, our company admin, said, “His eagerness and strong student mentality stood out to us. His great work ethic definitely speaks to his success.”

Internal promotions are one of the many Justice League LA perks that set us apart from other companies in the marketplace. By giving our team members a chance to grow with the firm, we ensure that our top talent stays in-house. These are some of the tips we share with associates on how to maintain career momentum:

• Positive Attitude: Having a positive mind-set is essential for career success. For starters, it’s the foundation of all achievement, since we need to believe in our ability to win before we’ll put in the effort. Once our attitudes have powered us toward the completion of our goals, that same can-do spirit is what gets us noticed by company leaders.

• Welcome Feedback: When we humble ourselves enough to seek out guidance from more experienced professionals, we let decision-makers know that we are teachable. This puts us front-of-mind when it comes time for those same leaders to choose someone to fill a management position.

Congratulations again to Roberto on moving forward in his career. To learn more about our advancement strategies, check out our Justice League LA Facebook feed.